Cafe St. Joe (Sagada, Mountain Province)

Upon arrival at our inn, we hurriedly took our baths and the rested for a while.  It was now evening when Jandy, Jocie and I decided to have our first meal in Sagada so we hied off to the nearby, 2-storey Cafe St. Joe, just within the compound of the Episcopalian-owned St. Joseph Resthouse, the largest guesthouse in Sagada (it has 27 rooms and cottages). This would be our second visit at this popular tourist hangout as Jandy and I had merienda, after a hike, here in 2010.

Cafe St. Joe

Probably one of the biggest restaurants in the town, the place was packed with tourists, it being the Holy Week break and, because of this, the staff were swamped with orders.  Jocie and Jandy both ordered the tasty lemon chicken (served with generous portions of stir fried vegetables) while I ordered sweet and sour pork.  Too bad it was nighttime as the cafe is set within a beautiful garden and, being located on a hill, also has great views of the town.

Sweet and sour pork
Lemon Chicken

Cafe St. Joe: St. Joseph Resthouse, Sagada, Mountain Province.  Mobile number: (0928) 951-7156 (Ms. Julia Abad).

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