Sagada Lemon Pie House (Mountain Province)

After dinner at St. Joe’s Cafe, Jandy, Jocie and I were still in the mood for dessert so we decided to walk, down the South Rd., to Sagada Lemon Pie House (first opened on March 21, 2008), home of the delicious lemon meringue pie.  The restaurant was quite a long way down the road, past the iconic Yoghurt House, but we did get to burn some calories along the way and work up an appetite for what’s ahead.

Sagada Lemon Pie House

Upon entry, I first enthralled by its cozy, Bohemian-inspired ambiance.  On the right are low wooden tables with woven mats and throw pillows for seats, a set-up that reminded me of the Japanese dining style.  Luckily for me and my weak knees, they did have regular tables and chairs.

The Japanese-style dining set-up
We, however, preferred the regular tables and seats

At the counter, we each placed orders for slices of lemon pie (PhP30/slice). Jocie also ordered a slice of egg pie (also PhP30/slice) while Jandy and I each had a cup of Sagada’s famous brewed Arabica coffee (PhP30/cup).  

The must try lemon pie

The super fluffy lemon pie, though you could distinctly taste the mild sourness and tanginess of the lemon curd, was somehow sweetened by the meringue on top.  Though not a fan of sour tasting food, I did like the combination and developed a taste for it so much so that I placed an order for a whole pie (PhP200) that I would take home 2 days later (Jocie ordered 2).  Our other tour companions, I would find out later, also tried it and placed orders for pasalubong.  For those who don’t like strong, sour tastes, the soft and light-flavored egg pie would be more to your liking.  They also serve the seasonal, not-too-sweet blueberry pie (available in early summer).

Sagada Lemon Pie House: South Rd., Atey, Daoangan, Sagada, Mountain Province.  Mobile number: (0907) 782-0360 (Mr. Joseph Daoas). Website:

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