Nayong Pilipino sa Clark Expo (Pampanga)

Nayong Pilipino sa Clark

During a lull in the Flavors of Spain Foodfest held at Hotel Vida, Grace, Norma, Ethel, Mitch and I boarded a van and visited the Nayong Pilipino sa Clark Expo at Clark.  Formally opened on November 30, 2007 after a PhP40 million rehabilitation, Nayong Pilipino sits on a 3.5-hectare portion of the Clark Expo, formerly Expo Pilipino.  This historical and cultural theme park, transferred here from its original site in Pasay City, is divided into two areas: the pre-colonial division and the colonial division. The pre-colonial division proudly shows the culture of the ethnic tribes of the northern Philippines long before the Spanish occupation through exhibits, native cottages and demonstrations that are accurately designed.  

Kalinga Village

Its outdoor museum features the Ifugao Village (features typical Ifugao houses called ulog, under which is an Ifugao woodcarver carving various wooden artifacts for souvenirs), the Kalinga Village, the Aeta Village and the Muslim Village (features the Torrogan House). Adjacent to the Torrogan House is a replica of Tabon Caves.  The Labuad Village is where ethnic Kapampangan handicraft and artwork are on sale. There are also replicas of the Banaue Rice Terraces and Mayon Volcano. 

Replica of Barasoain Church

The colonial division, on the other hand, displays the Spanish regime on the archipelago through replicas of Spanish-style houses and other edifices. It includes the far from faithful replicas of Malolos’ Barasoain Church (a mass is held here every Sunday, 10 AM)  as well as the ancestral houses of National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo and Apolinario Mabini (a museum for Kapampangan artifacts).  The Colonial Plaza, fronting the church, has a 3-tiered fountain. The Hero’s Plaza has a statue of a bolo and KKK flag-wielding Andres Bonifacio.  

The Jose Rizal House

Interspersed between the two areas are clean open spaces.  Guests can go boating and fishing at the Lagoon.  The Spanish Culture & Religion Museum and the Philippine Museum are 2 separate structures that look like fortresses.  Also within the grounds are a 1,000 seat outdoor amphitheater used for social gatherings, theater plays and cultural presentations. 

Nayong Pilipino sa Clark Expo: Clark Expo, ClarkField, Pampanga.  Tel: (045) 436-1718 and (045) 599-2813. E-mail:  Website: Admission: PhP30 (adults) and PhP20 (children). Open 8 AM-6 PM.

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