Dinosaur Island (Clark Special Economic Zone, Pampanga)

Dinosaur Island Entrance

Clark Freeport Zone’s very own Dinosaurs Island, the Philippines first ever animatronics dinosaur amusement theme park, is the next best thing to watching Jurassic Park.  

Apatosaurus (Deceptive Lizard) 


It was designed to help us understand better the dinosaurs that roamed the earth  and what transpired during the Mesozoic era over 100 million years ago.

Tyrannosaurus (Tyrant Lizard King)

Brachiosaurus (Arm Lizard) 

Opened on August 4, 2012, this new attraction in Clark Field is the Philippine version of the 1993 film Jurassic Park.  It has four attractions – Dino Trail, Fossil Museum, Dino World of Fun and Adventure Ride.

Maiasaura (Good Mother Lizard) 


At the Dino Trail, visitors, upon entering the big wooden doors of the park, follow the forest trail, via a dino guided tour, to learn more about how the dinosaur era may have looked like as well as get up close to see how large they were in their time.

Stegosaurus (Roof Lizard)

Over 30 species of dinosaurs, living in a natural habitat with tall, probably centuries-old trees as backdrop, are featured at a moving dinosaur display.  

Dimetrodon (Two-measures Tooth) 

Iguanodon (Iguana Tooth) and Velociraptor (Swift Thief) 

Along the trail are Dilophosaurus (Two-crested Lizard),  Apatosaurus (Deceptive Lizard), the flying Angustinaripterus (Narrow Nose), Brachiosaurus (Arm Lizard), Dimetrodon (Two-measures Tooth), Irritator Spinosaurus (Spiny Lizard), Maiasaura (Good Mother Lizard), Parasaurolophus (Near Crested Lizard),Stegosaurus (Roof Lizard), Styracosaurus (Ostrich Mimic), Triceratops (Three-horned Face), Tyrannosaurus (Tyrant Lizard King) and Wuerhosaurus (Wuerho Lizard). There’s also an Iguanodon (Iguana Tooth) attacked by 3 Velociraptors (Swift Thief). 

Fossil Museum 

These are brought to life using the latest animatronics technology similar to the techniques used in the movies and TV, making them look, sound and move their heads and limbs like the real ones, triggered by strategically placed motion sensor devices as people approach them.

Tuojiangosaurus (Tuo River Lizard)

Triceratops (Three-horned Face)

Some expand their chests like they are breathing or open wide their enormous jaws to bare those sharp, pointed teeth.

Yandusaurus hongheensis

At the Fossil Museum, you get to see mounted replicas of dinosaur fossils as well as our real life-sized skeletons that help you understand more about their evolution and extinction.

Skull of Allosaurus 

Horn of Styracosaurus  

On display are complete skeletons of Triceratops (Three-horned Face), Yandusaurus hongheensisTuojiangosaurus (Tuo River Lizard, found in the Tuojiang Area, China) and Tyrannosaurus (Tyrant Lizard King); the scattered bone of a Shunosaurus (Shu Lizard); the horn of a Styracosaurus (Spiked Lizard); the skulls of an Allosaurus and Hadrosaurus; and the toe bones of a Plateosaurus (Broad Lizard). 

Toe Bones of Plateosaurus 

Skull of Hadrosaurus 

The World of Fun is a designated area where dino mascots roam around, interacting with or chasing visitors and little kids or doing dance numbers.

World of Fun 

Dino Mascot

Dinosaur Island: Clarkland Picnic Grounds, Gil Puyat Ave., Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga.  Mobile numbers: (0905) 261-6521, (0915) 943-3689 (Globe), (0932) 744-9783 and. (0923) 907-7342 (Sun).  Tel: (632) 293-0531.  Admission: PhP350 (adults) and PhP300 (children). Kids 3 years old and below get in for free. Open daily, 9 AM – 5 PM. E-mail: dinosaurisland_clarkland@yahoo.com.

How to Get There: coming from the Main Gate, take M.A. Roxas Ave., then turn right at C.M. Recto Ave.. Upon reaching Gil Puyat Ave., turn right until you reach Clark Nature Park. Dinosaur Island is at the farthest end.   Coming from Mabalacat Gate, go straight along Gil Puyat Ave. then turn right at Clark Nature Park.

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